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  •   femdom toonse bulb I just hoped that all they were going to do was take photos. There was a whispering that I could not make out and then I was aware of the smell of perfume very close to me. I could feel the body heat of someone standing directly in front of me, A tingle ran through my entire body as I felt soft fingers stroke the much-reduced length of my flaccid member. The same fingers trailed down and round my balls. I wondered what was happening the Purity Laws were all about sex within marriage, so why was a strange woman caressing me? My prick did its own thinking and began to grow. I could feel it beginning to lengthen and prepare to rise.├That┬ll do,─ the male voice suddenly said and I felt the slight breeze as the female moved away. This was followed by another flash I couldn┬t work out why they needed my prick to appear bigger than normal. I didn┬t have time to think about it. ├Let┬s get it all measured.I was pushed forward and felt myself up against a hard smooth surface that reac femdom toons hed up as far as my chest it felt cold on my bare stomach and privates quickly removing the effects of the girl┬s hand. A rougher hand grabbed my cock and balls, lifted them and pulled them forwards. I felt the rough surface of a hole as they were dropped again. Clearly they were the other side of partition to the rest of me. I panicked what were they going to do?├Stand still, wanker,─ it was Carver┬s voice. ├Take his hood off.─ The room was flooded with light and I saw that there were three police officers in the room: Carver, Josie White and the male who I now saw to be a sergeant.I immediately saw that my dick and bollocks were hanging in a box: the inside of which was marked off with a grid that had numbers up the side. The squares nearest to me were white then there was row of yellow squares all the rest were coloured in red. ├This is for the Court,─ she said, ├We have to measure your testicles and penis under certain conditions.─
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    femdom toons ├C..c..conditions?─ I asked. She ignored me as photographs were taken from all sides against the grids.├I would remind you, 0258223, that it is an offence, under the 2008 Purity Law, to be unduly aroused by any person, image or stimulus other than one provided by your legal partner for the purpose of procreation. Right,─ she turned behind her, ├show him the film.A screen, about four feet in front of me, suddenly sprang to life. A naked brunette girl was lying on her back she was well-developed with long brown hair; large, erect and reddish brown nipples; and a wild bush of dark hair between her legs. She ran her fingers around her nipples and seemed to look directly at me. Her hand then ran down her sides and towards her hairy thatch. As her forefinger stroked the lips of her cunt I felt myself becoming erect. The cameras around my prick began to flash. Meanwhile, on the screen, the girl was pushing her finger deep into her cunt whilst still cupping her left breast. As she withdrew he

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